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This is part of what I keep in my massage tool box.  If you prefer more one specific technique over another, please let me know.  I don't usually limit myself to one, two, or a couple of these techniques but rather incorporate a little of all of them on an "as needed" basis.

I usually do a minimum of a 1 hour full body massage therapy session.  I have found that anything less is not beneficial to you or me.  It is important for me to know how much pressure you want, so please feel free to discuss anything with me.  Would you like me to focus on your sore spots?  Do you prefer to fall asleep or stay awake so that you don't miss anything?  Let me know!

Swedish Massage is a wonderfully relaxing technique.  The slow, long strokes that rub aching muscles are soothing and relaxing.  Quick strokes can be invigorating and energetic.  Different strokes for different needs in a full body massage results is one happy client - YOU!

Trigger Point Therapy is a deep tissue technique that addresses those nasty knots.  Trigger Points can be found anywhere in the soft tissue, but   you notice them the most in the shoulders or hips.  These knots can restrict movement and are a common source of pain.  They are usually made up of waste products that the body has been unable to clear away on it's own.  Trigger Point Therapy slowly and methodically works directly on these points to manually flush the waste products from the body.  With your input, these tender spots are worked on with comfort in mind.  The result of looser, more relaxed muscles free from trigger points is one happy client - YOU!

Joint Play Mobilization is such a gentle technique that calling it a deep tissue technique seems extreme.  This technique moves the joints so gently that you might not even know I was checking them.  If they are any restrictions found, gentle movement of the joint and working the affected muscles provide relief and greater mobility.  The result of unrestricted joint movement is one happy client - YOU!

Sports Massage focuses on the athlete of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  A favorite sport (as well as daily living) is often repetitive and abusive in nature.  Sports massage recognizes the different needs.  It takes into consideration pre-event and post-event needs and adjust accordingly.  If you are on your way to the club to work out or compete, a more stimulating massage is given.  After, you'd receive a more relaxed one.  The result of sports massage consideration is one happy client - YOU!

Muscle Testing and Balancing (MTB) can be incorporated in your massage session to reset the locking mechanism in your muscles.  It is a full body or specific area technique that is adapted to your specific needs while considering your comfort by using the least amount of intrusion in the relaxation process.  The result of Muscle Testing and Balancing is one happy client - YOU!

Pain Point Localization is a wonderful, slow, and gentle technique that works on tender areas.  It finds the outer, less painful areas and as it feels better, moves closer towards the pain.   Now, the area being worked on is smaller.  Continuing on in this manner, the goal is to get rid of that nasty tender area.  The result of a successful Pain Point Localization treatment is one happy client - YOU!

Hip Rotation Corrections can relieve many complications.  When working with sports massage clients or those working on correcting postural distortions, I always try to balance the muscles affecting the hips.  The pelvic girdle is at the base of your spine, and I believe that it should be as balanced as possible.  It is also suspected that the mandible (jaw) mimics the hips, so if one hip is "pitched forward", it would affect the mandible.  The result of a successful Hip Rotation Correction treatment is one happy client - YOU!