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Muscle Testing and Balancing (MTB) is the most interesting technique that I have come across.  This is one of the first techniques that I have been developing mastery of since 1993 and am working on a seminar to introduce it to others.  It has roots in Applied Kinesiology and Touch For Health, and uses different modalities.  MTB's main purpose is to locate and identify muscles who's locking mechanism is unresponsive due to injury, misuse, or abuse and to correct it.  Once a muscle or muscle group is identified, specific strengthening techniques are utilized to attempt to reset the locking mechanism.  It requires active participation - you'll need to work with me.

The locking mechanism is what allows you to resist movement - the muscle will "lock" in place.  If I were to position and push gently on your arm in a specific direction and ask you to hold the original position, your muscle should engage this mechanism.  If the locking mechanism is not functioning properly, you would not be able to hold this position.

If a muscle is in danger of injury or has been exhausted due to misuse or abuse, the brain "shuts it down."  When the locking mechanism of the muscle stops responding, the body will recruit other muscles to assist it.  When isolated and asked to perform it's customary function, it will no longer be able to hold firmly against easy pressure.  The function of other muscles are compromised as these other muscles are not designed for that extra work load and can eventually become tired.  Function is restored once the locking mechanism is reset, and each muscle goes back to focusing on their main functions.

Different events can affect the locking mechanism.  Auto accidents, injuries from a fall, illness, repetitive actions, overuse, and abusive situations are common complaints.  Repetitive actions, overuse, and abusive situations often are work or "play" related and are often overlooked.  Anyone who has been involved in the same job, hobby, or sport falls into this category, as would the mom who carries baby on her one hip to leave one hand free.

I developed this technique to take your comfort into consideration.  There are 2 positions that I have adapted the muscle tests for you on the massage table:  faced down and faced up.  With this technique, you will have to actively participate, so I test and strengthen before you turn as you will be "more" alert at this time.  The next time I test and strengthen is just before I work on your neck.  I save this best part for the end so that we don't stop with the testing, allowing you to return to receiving your massage.  Working this way allows you to rest, relax, and enjoy your massage while still having a therapeutic session.

Muscle Testing and Balancing is not a cure and will never replace medical treatment.  However, if this is the situation with the muscles, it can help with many of the associated aches and pains.  It is an excellent technique for soft tissue therapy.  If you are interested in attending or hosting a seminar, please contact me at 520-579-1975 or at ThaliaLMT@aol.com.  No CEU's are currently being offered independently.